Thursday, 8 April 2010

Swingers in S.E. Asia

We are genuine group of Swingers in Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei. This group is exclusively only for genuine couples & genuine single ladies. SINGLE GUY IS NOT ALLOW TO JOIN. We are very strict in recruiting members to ensure that all those who is interested to join is Genuine. We reserved the right to approve or reject couples.

To understand what is the meaning of Swinging with in depth detail, read the next post here.

Following are the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is qualify to join us?
Couples who are married or having a long term relationship. Single lady/female who wish to explore further into having 3some or group sex without commitment. Single lady/female that is bi-sexual.

Who is NOT qualified to join?Single guy/male not allows joining. Gays and Transvestites are also not allowed to join..

How do we get start?For couples, you must ensure that your partner especially the lady is ready and willing to swap with other couple for sex in the same room. Some guy brought their wife or girlfriend to the party without telling them the actual situation. When their partner only knew this in the last moment, she got freak out and left immediately or caught in an odd situation. Both of you must discuss over this matter before joining. You must not have jealousy as this does not involve feeling of love but rather a physical sexual excitement.

How your membership can be approved by owner of the group.Upon joining , you receive an email "Pending for Membership" from us. In the email, you are requiring to reply with your personal details from the question and include your mobile contact number together with decent picture of you and your partner.

Your picture will be kept discreet by the owner of the club. All approved members which consist of Professionals, Senior Management from large corporation; business people etc have submitted their picture.

During Party, what are the charges?
You only pay for sharing the cost of Hotel room rental which will be shared and usually will be @ S$30 to S$70 per couple depending on the number of couple turning up. That’s all you have to pay.

How often we meet for swinging party?
We usually meet at least once or twice a month if possible depending on the availability of members. Some members might organize it privately without the knowledge of the club where they only invite selected couples.

Occasionally, we may have a last minute party when there is a foreign swinging couple happen to visiting and will meet them at their hotel room. In this situation we will only invite selected members.

Where do we meet for swinging party?We will book a Hotel suite room either in the appropriate area. If the group is large, we will book a connection room to the suite room as well.

What race are these swingers?Swinging party will consist of all races which include chinese, malay, indian, eurasian, caucacian and other races.

What are the age groups?Age group of 20's to late 40's. The 20's are usually female. 30's till late 40's are male and female. We only have a handful of early 50's. Those who join swinging parties are usually from 20's till early 40's.

What do we need to bring?You need to bring your own condoms and towels. Some will bring adult toys. You are welcome to bring soft drinks, beers, liquor and even finger food if you want. There are people who will also bring a VCD or DVD player with some XXX movies too.

How many couples in a party?We will usually have a minimum of 4 couples. Our record is 12 couples per party. Usually the experience couple enjoys having more couples joining the party. The more the merrier. You would have more choices and more to watch as well.

Do we need to swap for first timer?
For first timer couple, you may not need to swap with others for sex if you are not ready but you have to be naked in the party. You can have sex with your own partner and watch others doing. From our past experience, majority of the first timer wasn't sure if they want to swap, but during the party, they got so excited and decided to go for it.

Are the couples or men in the party pushy?
One thing for sure, we could assure you are that in any occasion or party there is always a house rule. The house rule is final. When a lady says NO to a guy or couple who approach her for sex, it means NO. So if you are new in swinging and like to join party, don't worry at all as you are in safe hand.

How much do you need to pay?
We usually share cost for the rental of hotel room or hotel suite room depending on the size on the party. It would be approximately between S$30 to S$70 per couple depending on the number of couples turning up and the cost of the room.

What do we do during swinging party?We would start of with some light moment, such as chatting and getting to know each other. Then we will proceed with play card game in a group where loser will strip a piece of their cloth. This is to start it slow by removing piece by piece until everyone is totally naked. After that, couples will take turn to shower and at times we may have 2 couples shower together in the bathroom. After shower, we would use the living area of the suite room carpeted floor and cover with comforter from the bedroom's bed. All will be at the living room started with the ladies doing a blow job on their own partner. All are free to touch other partner's body, breast and pussy in a gentle way to start. The lady may touch another lady breast and suck them too. One thing leads to another and it will go all the way.

What happen if you bump into someone you knew?
This is our suggestion if you happen to meet someone you knew. They could be someone from your office, business dealings, client, relative etc. I have personally bump into a colleague who works with me. She was nervous but I kept my cool so we talk and mentioned that never thought that we could meet someone we knew. However, since both of you have the same interest and like to be discreet about it why not? Just tell each other "Welcome to the Club". And you become better friends after that. It was an akward moment at first, but in the end, we became friends and she and her partner are now regulars.

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